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Sarah kerridge Baby sleep help london doula

I am able to look after your  baby during the nighttime, arriving at 9pm and staying until 6am, enabling you to get as much sleep as possible.


Whether you are looking for long term support to help you adjust in the first few weeks or are just looking for a one off visit to offer some respite, I  can help you get that much needed rest.

Typically I would be with the baby in another room and sleep when baby is sleeping (in a cot or bassinet next to me) I would then wake when baby wakes and attend to their needs.

If you are breastfeeding I can have the baby with me in another room and bring them to you for each feed and take them back for winding, nappy changing and settling, meaning your "up" time is greatly reduced and you are able to get more rest overall.

If you are bottle feeding I will be able to take on the entirety of the baby care throughout the duration of my visit, whilst you get some much needed, uninterrupted sleep.

I am also on hand to help support with any questions you may have in regards to sleep routines, feeding, wind, colic etc and will always respect your choices in how you wish to parent your child. I do not believe there is one way that is best and offer a flexible and nonjudgmental approach

PRICE - From £200 per night session

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