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Sarah Kerridge positive london birth doula


You may not feel that you need someone to physically be with you whilst you're in labour, but still want some personalised, informed information to help you best prepare for the birth of your baby.

   I can offer two sessions one to one discussing labour and birth, life after birth and infant feeding. Includes a route to birth  session where the physiology of labour is outlined in detail as well as all possible pain relief options along with any medical interventions that may occur.


    I will also work with you to create a birth preference which will include where and how you would like to give birth, what pain management you will be looking to utilise along with other aspects of labour and birth.

PRICE - £475


       You may require some extra personal support throughout your journey and as your Doula I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing.


If you feel you need further prenatal visits or would like help in getting your house ready for your baby I can be there.

     I'm very practical and can do anything from put the cot together, help you pack your hospital bag or even fill your freezer with yummy meals - whatever you think you need to make this precious time as easy and peaceful as possible.

PRICE - £25ph

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