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Kind words from some of my previous clients...

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Caitlin and baby Owen

"Sarah provides such an uplifting, supportive and informative energy. She was a supportive, optimistic and protective resource throughout, which was truly invaluable for me.

Things would have turned out very differently without her encouragement and support. She really helped me to be calm and adjust to the changes that happened throughout the birthing process. She also made me feel empowerment at times when i really needed it.

I know that my expereince woudl ahve been very different without her!"

Pauline and baby Casper

I chose Sarah to be my birth doula,  it was absolutely the right decision as she was amazing throughout the process.  


She was friendly, warm and so flexible right from the beginning which made me (and my husband) feel more calm and confident about the whole situation - I definitely couldn’t have gone through the whole induction, labour and pushing process without Sarah holding my hand throughout.


She was also great keeping my husband informed and also helped with liaising with the placenta encapsulation company (after the birth) - without Sarah’s coordination (which lasted throughout the night and until the morning after), I do not think I would have received the postnatal care that I had wanted. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah’s service to anyone. 


Pernelle and baby Nathaniel

We chose Sarah as our birth doula as we really liked her relaxed and non-judgemental approach. From our initial conversations it was clear that Sarah felt strongly about supporting clients in whatever way they needed rather than pushing a certain approach or philosophy. Her preparatory sessions and availability in the lead up to and weeks after birth gave us peace of mind and confidence in what was the biggest life change for us to date.

On the day of my labour, Sarah was a constant and encouraging presence who struck the perfect balance of being an active supporter whilst never intruding on the intimacy of the experience for us as soon-to-be new parents. She was invaluable in offering advice on pain relief options, talking through different stages and decisions we needed to make and also just being a friendly face for both myself and my husband.

I have no doubt that having her calming influence and knowledge helped us to feel safe and confident during labour and contributed to the rarity of a birth plan actually going to plan! With Sarah by our side, we delivered our baby boy into the water and were home again within 18 hours on what was a beautiful snowy night in London.

Isabel and baby Sophia

Sarah came across as really knowledgeable from the start. I really respected how her information was up to date, relevant and detailed. She comes across in a very professional way and is very easy to talk to. I didn't feel the need to call upon Sarah too much before the birth. But the times that I did she provided good consistent advice and support. 

Sarah absolutely shined on the day of the birth. I had a number of challenging issues that came up during a really long labour. It was so good to know that I could lean on her.. Her whole demeanour was completely unruffled and calm throughout. I really credit this with giving me a positive birth.


I felt really well supported throughout the labour. Sarah's other important role apart from the practical support - such as filling the pool and helping with the tens machine etc, which was also invaluable, was protecting the birth space. She did this in a number of ways such as liaising with the midwifes to get the best outcomes. I thought that she managed this in a very sophisticated way. There was not the feeling that it was them and us, she was able to seamlessly coordinate between us all when decisions had to be made to ensure things worked in my favour.


I was also really impressed by her ability to stay awake for so long and manage get by for so long on a few sweets! Sarah was magic!

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