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What do my clients say?

Isabel, second time mum
Baby born December 2021

I had a tricky first birth which ended in a cesarean, so I felt I needed a steady hand present for my second. Sarah came across as really knowledgeable from the start. I really respected how her information was up to date, relevant and detailed. She comes across in a very professional way and is very easy to talk to. 

On the day of the birth, Sarah absolutely shined. I had a number of challenging issues that came up during a really long labour. It was so good to know that I could lean on her. Her whole demeanour was completely unruffled and calm throughout. I really credit this with giving me a positive birth. Despite a very challenging labour and with the home birth team suspended midway through, Sarah's role became more important than ever. It also helped to keep my partner on track and not to panic too much, which was helpful for me too.


I felt really well supported throughout the labour. Sarah's other important role apart from the practical support - such as filling the pool and helping with the tens machine etc, which was also invaluable, was protecting the birth space. She did this in a number of ways such as liaising with the midwifes to get the best outcomes. I thought that she managed this in a very sophisticated way. There was not the feeling that it was them and us, she was able to seamlessly coordinate between us all when decisions had to be made to ensure things worked in my favour.

She was emotionally sensitive and empathetic, she could be quiet and reflective but also strong and protective depending on the situation. I liked the fact that she was down to earth, reliable and hands on. Sarah is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and made me feel like things were always manageable. I was also really impressed by her ability to stay awake for so long and manage to get by for so long on just a few sweets! Sarah was magic!

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Robin, first time mum
Gave birth to baby October 2021

"Initially, I had high levels of anxiety about birth as a first time mum - I wanted an additional level of support, in particular during a home birth, from someone who was experienced and could give me and my partner reassurance along the way. We chose Sarah as we immediately struck up a positive relationship and were really impressed by her tone and clear guidance.

We had several sessions before the birth to run through the different stages and allow us to maximise our preparations. We were able to reaffirm the knowledge that we had built up to that point and learn new information along the way. Sarah checked in regularly as the birth approached to see how we were getting along and was the extra voice and pair of hands that we really needed in what was an extremely fast and intense home birth!


She was able to communicate with the midwife when she arrived which allowed my husband to focus on supporting me throughout. She also knew exactly what to say and do at key points in the process, as well as when to take a step back. It was extremely reassuring to have her there!

Sarah brought a really personal yet professional authority to our birth while also working with our preferences and worries. It was really nice to have her support our home birth so emphatically and be there on the day itself. She was a great help to both of us throughout, and we are really grateful to her for all her the way through.

I am indebted to Sarah for her support on what was a whirlwind birth. We are now very proud parents to a healthy baby daughter thanks to her and the excellence of the midwife team. Thank you!"

Delger, first time mum

Gave birth to baby June 2021


"We are very lucky to have had Sarah as our postnatal doula (and would have had her as our birth doula if the restrictions on the number of partners had lifted on time). We are first time parents without family members in the UK, so Sarah helped us from day one after our son was born, supporting us from learning how to change nappies and bathe our son to providing healthy nutritious meals.


She is incredibly positive, understanding and non-judgmental while providing evidence-based information especially with feeding and sleeping. She herself also has a great support network, so she helped us find other local supporters such as lactation consultants, osteopaths and medical consultants, which made those first weeks less stressful. In the long run, we are happier parents as a result of her support. 

Sarah was a joy to have in the house, even when I was incredibly tired, she empowered and understood me and my partner and supported us in the way we needed."



Pauline, second time mum

Gave birth to baby February 2021


"I chose Sarah to be my birth doula (instead of my husband who needed to look after our eldest daughter) - it was absolutely the right decision as Sarah was amazing throughout the process.  She was friendly, warm and so flexible right from the beginning which made me (and my husband) feel more calm and confident about the whole situation - I definitely couldn’t have gone through the whole induction, labour and pushing process without Sarah holding my hand throughout.


She was also great keeping my husband informed and also helped with liaising with the placenta encapsulation company (after the birth) - without Sarah’s coordination (which lasted throughout the night and until the morning after), I do not think I would have received the postnatal care that I had wanted. 


Despite the lockdown, Sarah was super responsive and made herself available (even in person) whenever we asked. I also value her advice which was always timely and helpful.  


I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah’s service to anyone. "

Sarah, second time mum

Gave birth to baby in February 2021


"I first wanted a postnatal doula to help with my toddler and newborn whilst I was recovering from a c-section.  I was expecting them to help with my two babies and complete light household chores.

Sarah was so amazing and attentive, very happy to do all of the jobs I asked of her. Her support was excellent during a very difficult time. 

My husband thought she an angel! He was so happy to have a few days where he knew I had all the support I needed, especially given my mum couldn’t visit due to covid rules.

Sarah was brilliant, super friendly and helpful. She was happy to do anything I asked of her and was always very happy to pass on advice to me. I’d highly recommend her to friends in the future."

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Caitlin, first time mum

Gave birth to baby November 2020


"Sarah provides such an uplifting, supportive and informative energy. She was a supportive, optimistic and protective resource throughout, which was truly invaluable for me.

​Things would have turned out very differently without her encouragement and support. She really helped me to be calm and adjust to the changes that happened throughout the birthing process. She also made me feel empowered at times when I really needed it. 


I know that my experience would have been very different without her!"


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